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Shortcomings of the PHQ-9  

eBook: A Better Way to Approach Mental Health Screening 

Patient outcomes in mental health are often only as good as the assessments used to guide treatment. Many commonly used screening tools, like the PHQ2, PHQ9 and GAD7, only evaluate symptoms or clusters of symptoms for one or two behavioral health conditions, missing co-occurring disorders and often leading to misdiagnosis of depression or generalized anxiety disorder. In fact, studies show that practitioners misdiagnose major depressive disorder 65% of the time.  

One poor decision can lead a patient down the wrong path with extreme — and sometimes irreversible — impacts.  

There is a better way.

Improving the patient assessment process and eliminating diagnosis bias can support your efforts to provide patients with a highly effective and appropriate treatment plan.  

The licensed digital evidence-based behavioral health solutions from Proem make it easier for providers to administer a full mental health screening online to help assess the most diagnosed DSM-5 adult and pediatric disorders — all from a single solution.  

Diagnosing behavioral health conditions and supporting those with mental health is complex. This eBook provides insight that will help you better meet patients where they are on the journey to better mental health. Topics covered include: 

  • Seven essential criteria for evaluating mental health assessment tools

  • Revealing mental health statistics about common misdiagnoses and their associated impact

  • What to check for when sourcing a screener

  • Ways to simplify the complex process of assessing, diagnosing and supporting those with mental health disorders

  • Innovative approaches to get the data you need to make more informed clinical decisions 

Download our eBook to also learn how the use of mental health assessment tools is helping clinicians determine the most appropriate course of action for their patients.

eBook: A Better Way to Approach Mental Health Screening

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What's Inside

Chapter 1
Shortcomings of Today’s Widely Used Tools

Understand how to avoid diagnosis bias to enhance patient outcomes and find out why some commonly used tools miss the mark. Explore why it is important to evaluate patients for all possible disorders using a single solution.

Statistics Tell the Story
Chapter 2
Statistics Tell the Story

Learn eye-opening statistics that illuminate just how much the mental health assessment tools largely in use today are failing patients and practitioners. For example, did you know that 95% of all people are not being properly screened and practitioners routinely misdiagnose generalized anxiety disorder?

Things to Look for in a New Behavioral Health Assessment Solution
Chapter 3
Things to Look for in a New Behavioral Health Assessment Solution

To better evaluate which mental health screening and assessment solutions are ideal for your patients’ needs, we recommend considering seven criteria. They will help you select a comprehensive DSM-V tool that is most likely to yield a more accurate diagnosis 

Chapter 4
The Proem Process

Need an innovative way to get the data you need to make more informed clinical decisions and better engage your patients? We’ll show you how to produce better outcomes for patients who suffer from mental illness with repeatable, standardized processes.

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Proem’s evidence-based behavioral health workflow engine uses interconnected, gold-standard measurements and proprietary algorithms to simplify the complex process of delivering mental healthcare. It's a fresh new way for providers and researchers to get the data they need to make more informed clinical decisions that produce better outcomes for their patients who suffer from mental illness.

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