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Whether you are a primary care provider, pediatrician, behavioral health specialists or substance use disorder counselor, chances are you are facing increasing pressure to help more people with mental health disorders than ever before. The gap between the people needing mental healthcare and access to that care is wide. Technology can help bridge the gap.  

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  1. Quickly and efficiently screen patient populations to identify who needs additional assessment and treatment.
  2. Make an accurate diagnosis in a fraction of the time so you can move on to the next step with confidence.
  3. Be reimbursed for the behavioral healthcare you provide, using Behavioral Health Integration and other CMS codes.  
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Increase the Accuracy of Patient Identification
Gain a Comprehensive View of the Patient

Make accurate diagnoses more quickly using Proem’s exclusively licensed digital assessment tools that consider the majority of diagnosed DSM-5 adult and pediatric mental health conditions at one time.  

Simplify the Mental Healthcare Journey
Simplify the Mental Healthcare Journey

Save time and money by replacing a library of one-dimensional tools of varying complexity with a comprehensive technology platform that simplifies the assessment process. 

Improve Your Bottom Line
Improve Your Bottom Line

Build capital by enhancing revenue, creating additional revenue streams and billing for more complex cases as appropriate for the behavioral healthcare services you provide. 

Mitigate Errors
Measure Behavioral Health Outcomes

Use data to create consistency of care, track outcomes over time and support measurement- and value-based care. 

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Evidence-based Measurements Backed by Years of Research

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