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Improving Mental Health Outcomes with Measurement-Based Care

Foundations for an Objective, Scalable Approach to More Effectively Meet Patient Needs

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It’s an eternal quest of the behavioral health care provider: How can you recognize at the very earliest when a patient’s treatment is no longer working or when there is a backslide, so you can intervene most quickly?

One solution many behavioral health organizations are turning to these days is Measurement-Based Care. Measurement-Based Care is an objective, outcomes-focused process that tracks and measures a patient's mental health over time. Having a clear, concise quantification of a beginning point and progress in mental health treatment, when applied consistently, can not only identify which interventions are most effective, but also make it easier for caregivers to communicate changes in mental health status among multiple care providers and across settings of care, as is desired with a collaborative care model.

What will the rise of Measurement-Based Care mean for how your organization approaches behavioral health?

In the eBook Measurement-Based Care for Improving Mental Health, we discuss the foundations of Measurement-Based Care, share examples of success and provide action steps for deploying the approach at your organization.

Topics discussed include the following:

  • Ways focusing on outcomes measures can create more efficient and effective care plans

  • Dos and don’ts when choosing outcomes measures

  • Critical role of the right assessment approach in Measurement-Based Care, including screening, diagnostic interviews and monitoring tools

  • Key considerations when scaling assessment and treatment plans across patient populations

  • Examples of outcomes-focused screening and diagnostic tools in place at the nation’s largest integrated healthcare provider

  • Role of ratings scales in treatment decision-making, participating in collaborative care models and establishing evidence-based care paths

  • Tips for adopting Measurement-Based Care within your own practice

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