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PRESS RELEASE:  United Community Addiction Network Selects Proem

United Community Addiction Network Selects Proem to Better ...

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eBook: Mental Health Tools for Reaching Better Behavioral Health Outcomes

Understand the role mental health assessment tools play in practicing quality improvement. 

eBook: Reaching Better Behavioral Health Outcomes

Long before the pandemic shone a bright light on the existing need for improved mental health care services, behavioral health providers recognized that identifying and treating mental illness earlier could have a profound impact on patients.  

In the eBook Reaching Better Behavioral Health Outcomes, we illuminate the obstacles to early intervention and proactive care and examine how to select the right tools to promote accurate diagnoses. Then we discuss the important role outcome measures play in assessing the effectiveness of care plans and promoting continuity of care in light of the move to measurement-based care. 

Take a deep dive into the following topics: 

  • What does recent data say about the prevalence of mental health conditions? 
  • How do you assess the validity of mental health tools? 
  • Why is the move to measurement-based care a significant step? 
  • What does measurement-based care look like in practice? 
  • What is essential to understand about process vs. outcome measures? 
  • What is important to understand about outcome measures? 

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