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PRESS RELEASE:  United Community Addiction Network Selects Proem

United Community Addiction Network Selects Proem to Better ...

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Drive Better Behavioral Health Outcomes with Measurement-Based Care

Learn how the right measurement-based care strategies can move the needle on better patient outcomes and explore examples of patient applications.   

Whitepaper: Drive Better Behavioral Health Outcomes with Measurement-Based Care

The concept of measurement-based care (MBC) is widely recognized as one of the best ways to improve behavioral health outcomes. Collecting data from patients throughout the treatment process paints a quantifiable picture of their progress, aiding in better decisions about diagnoses and treatment plans.  

But for MBC to be effective, providers must focus on measuring outcomes, not the processes and tasks associated with administering care. That’s where this guide comes in.  

Here, we discuss practical strategies for putting MBC into action, including how to decide which measurement outcomes to collect — and how to collect them. Find out why the use of evidence-based, universally accepted assessments and screeners is so important, as well as the need for purpose-built electronic tools to collect data, monitor progress and share information.  

In fact, you’ll learn how a leading behavioral health management company that partners with hospitals and health systems to increase access to behavioral healthcare has incorporated MBC for more efficient intake and more effective monitoring. Find out through patient success stories how their efforts impacted specific patients and get advice you can put into practice today.

Take a deep dive into the following topics and more:  

  • What steps can make measurement-based care (MBC) more effective?  

  • Why is it important to understand measuring outcomes versus measuring processes?

  • How can you standardize the delivery of MBC?   

  • What are the four main components of MBC in behavioral health?

  • How can technology help you configure a five-step process that supports MBC?   

  •  What are examples of MBC improving patient outcomes? 

Download our whitepaper to learn how practices can implement effective measurement-based care that makes a real impact on patient’s lives.  

Download the Whitepaper